simple ways to eat healthier

Why don’t you take care of yourself?

I am frankly astounded by folks who work really hard at what they do; yet, they really aren’t aware of the foods they are eating. It all starts out like this….

Breakfast: Perhaps an all egg-white omelette with veggies — great. Even wheat toast, okay. How about a little yogurt — could be good, but have you checked the ingredients on the back of the yogurt carton to make sure it isn’t loaded with sugar? And the topper — coffee, we all drink it, me included. But, what do you add to it? Creamer? Check out the following?article?on creamers….good or bad? You decide, but make sure to read beyond the calories because my friend — calories are not just calories, there is more to the science.

Lunch: What about a turkey sandwich? The idea sounds terrific, especially if you have it with real wheat bread, but what else do you put on your turkey sandwich? Read up on what can make a turkey sandwich a great choice for lunch or a not so great choice?here.

Dinner: The last meal of the day…what about chicken breast, vegetables and rice? Sounds good, right? It could be. Making sure to prepare it in the healthiest way is key — so, how about grilled or roasted chicken? Better than fried, right? How about making a simple marinade, here is a link to healthy and delicious?marinades. Rice? There are various types of course, but what about brown rice or wild rice or even quinoa or millet? So many different variations to try out — and it doesn’t have to be rice, just a healthy?starch! And, lastly veggies. Hard to beat roasted veggies like?asparagus?with a sprinkling of Kosher salt and pepper with olive oil? The recipe attached is pretty good and very simple.

The bottom line is cooking for better health is not that difficult, it just takes a little effort and this effort will pay off over time — guaranteed! Just like it is a wise decision to carefully invest your hard-earned money, the same can be true for the foods that fuel your body — a wise investment in your health.

So work hard, play hard and enjoy your food to the fullest…

Guest Blog Post: ?Written By: ?Lydia Wisz

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