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Four Model Recycling Facilities ?Green? The Waste Stream Zanker Road Resource Management Ltd. operates four nationally recognized recycling facilities: The Zanker facilities are national leaders in construction of demolition debris diversion and composting. Through its aggressive recycling efforts, Zanker diverts more than 80 percent of waste they receive from landfilling. Zanker Road Resource Management Ltd. is a privately owned solid waste and recycling company that began operations in 1985 by developing a landfill into a full-service resource management and composting/recycling facility. In 1998, Zanker expanded operations by permitting an adjacent landfill site as a construction and demolition (C&D) debris processing facility. The two Zanker Facilities process more than 2,000 tons of mixed debris per day. Z-Best Composting Facility located in Gilroy was constructed in 1997 to process yard trimmings into high grade compost. Currently, Z-Best receives up to 1,000 tons per day of yard trimmings, which are processed into an organic compost and sold to Salinas Valley farmers for use on crops. Additionally, 350 tons per day of municipal solid waste and food waste is processed at Z-Best for sale to the local landscaping industry. Zanker has expanded its operations into the Sacramento region by permitting and establishing the Florin Perkins Public Disposal Site, a 500-ton per day material processing and transfer facility. This facility primarily processes construction and demolition debris (C&D) to assist the City of Sacramento and neighboring communities with C&D diversion goals. Similar to Zanker?s San Jose operations, the FPDS assists customers in a professional, courteous manner and leads the C&D recycling in Sacramento County.


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