School Champion Play in the Bay

The company was founded back in the Fall of 2008 when Scott Snider wanted to offer a less serious kickball league where bunting and fast pitching was discouraged and the game was played more like how it was on the playground back in grade school. KickballSF took off quickly and by 2010 there were leagues 3 days a week in San Francisco. That was also the year Ryan Cunnane came onboard to run the hugely popular KickballEB league in Walnut Creek (hopefully the first of many sports in the East Bay). In 2011 DodgeballSF was created and that too became popular almost instantly. The end of 2012 Scott was presented with the opportunity to purchase the Golden Gate Sport & Social Club, a once dominate presence in San Francisco that at the time was only running some small softball and grass volleyball leagues. An agreement was made and it wasn't long before the Golden Gate Sport & Social Club was going strong again. 2013 saw nearly 6,500 participants across 53 leagues in 9 different sports (Kickball, Dodgeball, Basketball, Grass Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Football, and Tennis).


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