School Champion House Kombucha

House Kombucha is a family-run, community startup dedicated to bringing the ancient tradition of fermenting a living, probiotic tea into modern light. Beyond just making a great tasting and healthy beverage, we are a young, owner-operated, triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) endeavor. We value quality craftsmanship, health and safety, local economic development, and environmental stewardship. We?re fast-becoming an integral part of the Bay Area?s local food economy, distributing our kombucha through a growing network of neighborhood cafes, offices, and natural food stores. Our management and brew teams are all Oakland-based, and involved in a number of social justice, human rights, and ecological organizations. We frequently sponsor community events and donate 5% of our kombucha to local organizations like Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project, Bay Localize, Green Festival, Inner City Advisors, Ferment Change, Planting Justice, and the Sustainable Economies Law Center.


Twitter: housekombucha

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