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I believe your wedding is the ultimate opportunity to have the biggest blow-out PARTY of your lives! Like: Hitting the headlines, TMZ blogged about it, top of my FB wall, "Can't we do that like six times a week?" party. Think about the most fun you've ever had at a wedding. Did you dance your face off? Have a drink or seven? Smile and laugh 'til your cheeks hurt? Yes? Let's make sure your guests can say that about yours! Let's have a bridal party that's really a party! Let's have a rockin' cocktail hour where you can sip iced champagne, actually have a few bites of those delicious hors d'oeuvres, and really connect with your friends and family. Let's plan your wedding day schedule, so you, and your friends, can kick back and get to the good stuff! Your friends will remember it as being... "OMG The Best Wedding Ever!"


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