School Champion Charlie's Butter

Charlie's Butter began with Charlie's little boy, Chase. When Chase turned one, Charlie was excited to indulge him with a new world of flavors and yummy food. Wanting to offer Chase a special, yet relatively healthy treat, Charlie whipped up a small batch of grass-fed cinnamon butter and put it on warm toast. It was love at first bite! Chase began requesting ?mommy?s special cinnamon butter? on toast daily ? he just couldn?t get enough! Word got out amongst Charlie?s friends and family, and soon everyone tried and fell in love with Charlie?s cinnamon butter. Surely she was on to something amazing. After several years of hearing ?why aren?t you selling this?!? and with lots of encouragement and a go-for-it attitude, Charlie finally decided to market her tasty creation. Charlie's Butter became real but only after countless hours in the test kitchen and lots of recipe experimenting until she got it just right. The original cinnamon butter recipe has since been expanded upon, and new, exciting recipes and savory flavors have been born. Charlie is proud to use only the finest ingredients and it is her sincerest wish to share her tasty vision with people everywhere. Once you try Charlie's, you'll taste just how amazingly delicious butter can be!

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