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Welcome to the home of Brighter Days Media! Well, our digital home, anyways?don't worry, we have actual homes too. As graduates of San Diego State University?s film production program, we each began carving out careers in different local video production circles. Taylor ventured into the realm of wedding videography as a cinematographer/editor and Michael into the world of corporate video production as a producer/director for a locally based international business and motivational speaker. While these are perfectly suitable career paths for us video production folk, we each have an insatiable desire to further our craft. That?s how Brighter Days Media came to be. We like telling our stories and we'd love to tell yours too!

Phone: (916) 402 - 3405

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We raised $80,000!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! What an amazing 8 week campaign we had! We raised over $85,000 […]

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