The Real Food Revolution

Guest Post: ?Written by Lydia Wisz

Frankly, I just don’t step into a regular grocery store like Albertson’s like I used to — even from a few months ago. Unless you go to the grocery store with a list of things that you “stick by” — or, you go to when you are?not?hungry — or, you go when you had a lousy day and you just want to get something quick for dinner tonight, it’s virtually so difficult to pass up on temptation.

What is the temptation?

It is not just the foods that you find in the center of the supermarket that typically carry all of the ?chips and sodas and other processed foods, but so many “junk foods” are readily available and easily seen as soon as you walk in the store. This means you need to be prepared mentally to have a strong will every time you go into a regular grocery store without easily slipping in a six-pack of soda or a bag of chips or low-fat cookies in your cart. Fortunately, I believe I have a pretty strong will, but what about the millions of others who just find it so difficult to pass up on the Oreos that are on sale?

If you are going to go to the regular grocery store — prepare and learn how to shop better. Try sticking to the perimeter of the supermarket where you get your produce, meats and dairy and avoid the center aisles if possible.?Here?is a good reference to check out. Many times it is the convenience of available junk foods that can easily “throw us off of our game” and promote unhealthy eating behaviors.

As the following?article?points out, the convenience we have in picking up fattening foods at the
grocery store is making things far too easy for people. “Interventions targeting the issue of convenience and quick or efficient preparation of nutritious alternatives to fast food could be more promising.”

It truly is not that difficult to cook at home — and, it can be done relatively quickly. It is just a matter of planning and practicing and seeing the benefits it will give you and your family in the long run. There is so much information on how to cook a healthy meal — in your local community, on the web or simply by just asking around.

Here are a few more websites that are helpful in introducing cooking and being able to?cook just about anything?to what?carbohydrates we really should be eating?and even ways by which we can get involved in a?Real Food Revolution?as presented by Congressman Tim Ryan.