Food Industry and Obesity

The Food Industry?s Solution to Obesity? Really?

Guest blogger: Lydia Wisz from Food Wiszdom

Let?s be honest — in the light of our current obesity epidemic that comes with an excessive rise in food-related illnesses, a tremendous excess in healthcare costs and an increasingly debilitating environment ? it doesn?t seem that the food industry is on “our side”.

In what the article below says, ?real food isn?t real profitable? ? period. Fruits and vegetables don?t sell like Lay?s Potato Chips do, and add to that, a bag of potato chips is markedly less expensive than a pear or an apple or an orange. Truly, that is a pity.

So, how do we break this cycle? How do we know who to trust in keeping the public?s interest as the main focal point of concern when it comes to improving our health and economy? Some of the key things to remember are that corporations, i.e., food corporations are businesses that are in the business of making profits, even if it is at the cost of health and welfare. It takes an effort and vision for the general public to see that fact.

What we need in order to provide clarity for the public on the importance of eating for health and well-being is to educate in schools, restaurants, and other local establishments. By providing the public with key reasons for the importance of eating ?real? food, it gives them a ?voice? to question, ?Where does my food come from??

The Food Industry’s Solution to Obesity