Mitesh Patel

Board Director

Having grown up in Louisville, KY, I appreciate the importance of a healthy and sustainable agriculture based industry. ?To this day, I recall fond memories of stopping by small, local farms with my mom to pick up okra, eggplant, zucchini, and other fresh vegetables, which she then transformed into delicious Indian dishes. ?Farm to table was the norm!

After high School, I moved a couple of hours north to obtain my business degree from Indiana University, and then spent my early professional years in the Midwest. ?Admittedly, the food choices I made during those years were less than impressive, but fortunately that changed once I moved to California. ?While pursuing my MBA in Los Angeles, not only did I advance my business aptitude, I also reinvigorated my interest in healthy living by eating better, playing more tennis, and hitting the gym. ?Now, visiting the local Farmers Market is the norm!

My wife Jen, and I have two children and we strive to teach them to live a healthy lifestyle. ?My employer,?Wells Fargo,?gave?me the opportunity to get involved in a cause that I am passionate about.?My involvement with Healthy Planet affords me the opportunity to make a positive, lasting impact on my children and countless others, and for that I am fortunate.