Jana Uslan

Board Advisor

I grew up in Los Angeles where a garden consisted of flowers and green bushes. ?I never saw a vegetable grow until I had to grow something for a girl scout badge. ?I chose radishes because they grew so fast. ?Lucky for me, they were a success and from that day on I ate radishes.

For the last 35 years I’ve worked in education, from teaching preschool through 6th grade, to being an Elementary Principal for 23 years. ?Every school I’ve worked in as a Principal we always found the funds to build a garden.

As a Principal, I would make students who got in trouble rake leaves and pull weeds in the garden, when they had to lose recesses. ?The next day they would come back and ask if they could continue to work in the garden — they were hooked as soon as they had one chance to feel the dirt.

I don’t have a very green thumb myself, but I love growing herbs. ?I can just go outside my kitchen and clip some mint or basil and add to my cooking. ?There is nothing like fresh veggies and herbs to make a good dish, great.