Summer Internship Reflection


Summer Internship Reflection

By: ?Kelly Yee ??

? ? The Meritus Poster Presentation was an event where Meritus scholars were able to showcase their internship experiences this past summer working with companies partnered with Meritus. I had a great time at this event learning about what roles my peers had in their companies, as well as learning about their career goals and aspirations. I also enjoyed seeing old faces, as well as new faces, as the event was an excellent platform to network with other Meritus scholars, supporters, alumni, and professionals.

????During the poster presentation, I had the pleasure of representing my nonprofit organization, Healthy Planet. With insightful guidance from my supervisors, I was able to create a presentation poster board filled with infographics, color, and graphs, and was one of the only presenters who had a table display decked out with a burlap table cloth, seed packs, and informational pamphlets. This poster presentation really helped me reflect on my experience at Healthy Planet, and helped me see how much I?ve changed as an individual, a student, and as an upcoming young professional.

????Working at Healthy Planet has helped me grow tremendously. With the support, patience, and guidance of my supervisors, I was able to tackle projects on my own, which included compiling school district research on to excel sheets, as well as creating lesson plans to help teachers fully utilize the potential of their school gardens. I was also able to witness the hard work and dedication of a small group of passionate individuals. It was inspiring to see my mentors so driven by their goals to create an impact on the lives of others. I was also able to be a part of decision making for their large-scale events, such as the build-up of the Just Kick It charity kickball tournament. Through this, I was able to witness the behind the scenes work that goes into make programs and events run so effortlessly. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for all the time and decisions that go into every aspect of a company.

????Through my experience, I was able to learn how to better conduct research –to extract as much data as possible from one resource?while making sure all information was credible and accurate. Another skill I learned through this experience, and will definitely take with me anywhere I go, is the importance of asking questions, and for help. This skill has completely changed the quality of work I am able to produce, as well as how I approach my projects.

????It was an indescribable experience to be a part of something so big –to know that my time and work to this organization was appreciated and will be used for greater good. It?s mind blowing to know that there will potentially be thousands of students viewing and using my work?and that my organization had such trust and faith in me to tackle the project. Healthy Planet has definitely helped me re-spark my motivation and drive to achieve and accomplish my future goals, whether they be big or small. ?I came in as a lost and nervous college student with no real experience, and I am leaving as an inspired and confident individual, who feels ready to tackle the future. I feel insanely lucky that I had the opportunity to work and grow under the wings of the staff at Healthy Planet. Everyone has been so accommodating, patient, and supportive towards my personal growth, and I know that I will always be able to look back and attribute my improved work ethic and success to Healthy Planet.