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Start Your Post-Thanksgiving with a Boost

Blog Post Written By: Benson Nguyen

Eat Breakfast

Give yourself an energy boost the?morning after your Thanksgiving binge. Start by eating a light and healthy breakfast to start off your morning. It will boost your metabolism to help burn off the thanksgiving calories throughout the day. Don?t try to compensate your big thanksgiving dinner by skipping meals.

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Refuel your body
Thanksgiving is filled with fat, salt, and sugar that will make you feel bloated and fatigue. Make sure to nourish yourself with plenty of vitamins and minerals by eating fruits and vegetables. Don?t let thanksgiving slow you down! Eat your veggies and fruits to fuel you back up.
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Hydration is key to solving any problems
Thanksgiving dinner is filled with food with plenty of salt. With all that salt you?ll be dehydrated, become bloated, and have digestion issues. A big glass of water when you wake up and every two to three hours will help you with these problems. Try some peppermint tea to help upset stomach and hydrate you, as well as start of the Christmas cheers.

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Get up and get moving
After a large meal, you may want to just sit back and relax. But get up and get moving to burn off the Thanksgiving dinner. Play some sports or have a fun relay with your family. Even a walk around the neighborhood can benefit you after a food binge. Anything that keeps you moving, will help make sure the thanksgiving weight won?t stay.

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Spread out your leftovers
Don?t eat all your leftovers in one day. Spread your leftovers out into several meals and get creative on what you can do with your leftovers. Use your leftover turkey to make turkey sandwiches or use your cranberry sauce to make cranberry vinaigrette for your salad. Make your thanksgiving leftover last, and enjoy it for a whole week.

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