fresh food on a budget

Shopping on a budget

Guest Post Written By: ?Lydia Wisz from Food Wisz-dom


This definitely might be possible — that is, if one sticks with a plan and doesn’t veer away from it.?Whole Foods Market?has jokingly been known as “Whole Paycheck” for its expensive foods…and it certainly can be — but, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It makes sense to make some changes, such as:

1) Shop on the outside aisles first. These areas include the fresh produce, meat/seafood and dairy.
It even has been suggested to shop the perimeter of the grocery store by the Mayo Clinic for leading a Healthier Lifestyle?here.

2) Shop for meat/seafood at the lower prices. Because Whole Foods does already have pretty high standards, its hard to go wrong with a cheaper cut of something.

3) When all else fails, ask the professionals like the butcher or fishmonger for help. It’s their job!

4) Buying produce in season is highly recommended — not only for freshness, but for the best nutritional value. Check out the following seasonal calendar here. Another great thing about buying?produce in season?– less expensive!

5) Buying in bulk is a great idea. Generally buying beans/grains/nuts in bulk is easy enough and its cost effective too.

6) Shopping like a European. Love this one. A great way to shop, although certainly not time-effective to do all the time for so many. But, making an effort to do this from time to time may spur you into making the effort to do it more frequently. You’ll be able to taste the freshness.

7) Remember the?reusable bagveggie plate