Walnut Creek Intermediate Garden

Walnut Creek Intermediate,

“We all want to make our school members healthier and our system more sustainable; collect our waste at lunch, compost, teach the kids how to plant and grow vegetables; and use the food in our meals at school.” ~Lisa Muniz, Teacher

Our Story

We have a team of six teachers and a very supportive new principal who are all excited about getting our garden up and running again, but we need help organizing and planning.?Our garden is fenced in with three accessible gates, a compost area, four raised beds and irrigation, but it hasn’t been maintained for 2 years now and is overgrown.

Ideally, all of our junior high students would have access to and be a part of the garden.

As far as school lunches go, we are mandated to follow healthy guidelines, but the students often complain about the food. Having some input and buy-in with lunch food would be great, and our Cooking teacher would work to plan meals around what was grown in the garden!

Overall, we have a good foundation but are in need of that extra push that Healthy Planet can provide. Our garden has the potential to grow into something special and we are excited to watch how it will bring our community together.

We’re also lucky to have the support of a new restaurant called Burger Lounge, who?utilize healthy ingredients produced in a sustainable environment.

Garden Bed

Your Help

We really want to make use of our wonderful garden space and existing materials, we just need help — a jump start, someone who knows what they’re doing to organize us.

Through the help of Healthy Planet and Burger Lounge, we will be implementing?a 3-branch garden program revolving around the whole school community, garden-based education, and entrepreneurship.?We will also be adding 24 new?2ft x 4ft x 2ft horse troughs, four new 4ft x 8ft raised beds,?15 rustic hay bales for seating, vertical gardens, garden tools, soil, seeds, and other materials.

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $7,820.06
Burger Lounge Support: $5,000
Total for school community to raise: $2,820.06