Garden Beds

Twin Oaks Elementary School,

“Our school is about 18 years old. At one point along the way, planter boxes were installed in the hopes of starting a garden. A few things were planted by various classes over the years, but eventually, our garden became abandoned. Weeds grew and plants died without care.” ~ Silvia Ventura-Jacobsen

Our Story

Last year, our newest principal, Silvia Jacobsen, encouraged Mrs. Kelso’s class to plant in the garden. The 2nd-grade class was learning about the lifecycle of sunflowers and had planted seeds in cups that sat along the windowsill inside the classroom. As they sprouted and began to grow, Mrs. Jacobsen invited them to plant them in our garden. The 2nd-grade class planted them in one of the available abandoned planters. Our school watched them grow and became very excited about reviving the garden. Mrs. Kelso has taken on the exciting task of nurturing a garden plan for our school. Her class has recently harvested radishes from the garden, planted by her class. The students dug them up, cleaned them and tasted their deliciousness! They learned about the many nutritional benefits of the radish and other healthy vegetables. ?Students are sharing their experience with other classes and their families at home! ?In addition, we have seen our students start making healthier food choices. ?Students are even learning about what foods help with cold/flu season!

School Yard

Your Help

We need your help to build a garden that’s big enough for more students to learn! By donating to Twin Oaks school garden, you are helping to bridge the gap between what?s growing in the soil and what?s on the plate. ?You are helping fuel the resources for teachers to take their classrooms into the garden space and incorporate hands-on learning through Math, Science, English and more!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $8,003.68
Healthy Planet Pledged Subsidy (75% of total budget): $6,002.76
Total for school community to raise: $2,000.92

Thank you for your donation!

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