The O’Farrell Charter School,

“We are so excited to help our garden thrive and teach our community about healthy eating!” ~Shannon Daily

Our Story

We have been trying to implement a school garden for the past few years, with little success due to many obstacles, including lack of funding and a big school remodeling project. ?But now we’re ready! Healthy Planet is helping with the planning, support and follow-up; exactly what we need to keep our garden healthy and thriving! Right now, we have 2 teachers and some parents who are excited to start the program. $1,000 has already been pledged?toward the garden by an amazing parent! We are excited to teach our students about healthy eating and taking care of a garden that will both benefit and beautify our campus!

Your Help

Being an urban SES community, access to healthy food is hard and families need the right education to help support a healthy future for their children. ?By helping support this garden our community will thrive, our students will learn and in turn, the community will learn about small steps to implement big change in our food ecosystem.

By donating today you can help support the passion of our community, as we aim to build twelve new 8ft x 4ft raised beds, two new 2ft x 4ft horse trough raised beds, start a new Garden Collaborative, Garden Buddy Program, implement Garden-based curriculum, and start a Family Garden Area.

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $5,527.96
Healthy Planet Pledged Subsidy (75% of total budget): $4,145.97
Total for school community to raise: $1,381.99

Thank You For Your Donation

Tamiko Petty