School Garden

Sunset Ridge Elementary,

“Right now, I believe we are at a turning point for garden/food reform as a nation. I want our school to participate in this amazing process because I see kids every day that want to help work in the garden.” -?Dane Peterson, Teacher

Our Story

We currently have some of our own garden beds, but the majority of them are unused. We are excited to have this opportunity to revitalize these gardens and bring in both?community and school support. We really want to put an emphasis on healthier choices, and we believe that the garden will help students make this choice. But we need help with programming and structure. By growing their own vegetables, students will feel more connected to what they eat and consciously make healthier choices. We hope that this will be the start towards a new way of learning, by?applying what students learn in the classroom to the garden.

School Garden

Your Help

We really need your help! We already have 8 raised garden beds, but we are adding four new 4 feet x 8 feet garden beds, two new 2 feet x 4 feet x 2 feet horse troughs, a?greenhouse, drip irrigation, more garden tools, soil, and seeds. We’ll also be starting a new?Garden Collaborative, a Garden Buddy Program, and implementing new Garden-Based Curriculum.

With your help, our students will be able to explore their own gardens and nutrition!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $3,665.05
Healthy Planet Subsidy (50% of total budget): $1,832.53
Total for school community to raise: $1,832.53