St. Monica School,

St. Monica’s School has a dream. Their school lunch program is somewhat unique as lunch is only provided two days a week, by a school lunch company. Their parents and students would love additional days of school lunch, but more importantly, they’d love a school kitchen. And they’d love for that school kitchen to be supplied by their very own school garden!

St. Monica?s has a great location ripe to be repurposed for a garden, but it needs a lot of work, love, and attention (ie tilling, weeding, garden beds built, etc.). ?They also have dreams of vertical wall gardens, a greenhouse, and a green cart to sell nutritious snacks, but they want to start with an achievable goal of a basic garden first.

St. Monica?s is extremely well positioned to teach and inspire their students to make better food choices. ?They have garden space, two teachers directly involved in the garden, a dedicated Parent Club President, and support from the Principal, school faculty, and many other school parents.

Donate today and help St. Monica’s get their garden program started!

School Updates

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