sustainable agriculture

SCOE at Galt High School,

Update: After the tragic death of Galt High School student Kyle Guenther, we plan to add a small flower garden to the above location in his memory.

With more than 60% of students registered for free or reduced school lunches, Galt does not have the funds to improve the nutritional education of their students, let alone build a school garden! This small school is in the fertile, farm-filled Sacramento Valley, yet the majority of students at Galt have no experience growing their own food.

But the community and staff at Galt High School are in support of a garden program! The Health and Home Economics teachers even offered the use of their kitchen to make vegetarian dishes from the proposed garden!

What really separates Galt from other schools is the population this garden would serve. The Sacramento County Office of Education has a comprehensive high school aged Special Education program at Galt High School for emotionally disturbed and severely handicapped students. Not only would the garden be a therapeutic activity for the students, it could also teach them simple but essential life skills like care-taking, teamwork, ?and cooking.

Here at the Healthy Planet Greenhouse we have been working hard to plan a successful and sustainable garden for the Special Education program. In SCOE at Galt’s plan, the school would have a small herb and flower garden on campus for easy access, and share a larger, more productive garden with a small church neighboring the school.

The garden could be so many things: a source for fresh produce, an educational opportunity, a therapeutic space, and so much more! But without your help, Galt High School won?t be able to benefit from any of these great opportunities.

If you donate today, Galt will be one step closer to creating an educational and therapeutic space for kids to grow food!


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