School Yard

San Diego Met High School,

“Our hope is to educate our students/families and produce enough food to supplement our small community of students and parents, then expand into the local community. The farm we are building meets a lot of our needs; educational and nutritional. ?With Healthy Planet’s help we can finish building our greenhouse farm!” ~Tod Ferguson,?Teacher

Our Story

We are a small school that meets on the Mesa Community College campus. 2 years ago the Spanish teacher and I noticed, and set out to address, the unhealthy eating habits of our students. She wanted to grow vegetables/herbs and incorporate nutrition into her Spanish class (Mercado’s, cooking, nutrition units). I needed a hands-on lab experience that all of our students could be involved in (we do not have lab facilities at our school). We approached Mesa College, and they were kind enough to give us a decent amount of land to build and maintain a good sized Aquaponics/raised bed/greenhouse farm. We began building the site this past fall?and have most of the structure completed, but….


Garden Bed

Your Help

We have run out of funds. ?Our hope is to raise enough money to finish construction and create a transformative experience for our community. ?With this space, we will be providing valuable possibilities and healthier food options to our students!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $5,212.94
Healthy Planet Pledged Subsidy (75% of total budget): $3,909.70
Total for school community to raise: $1,303.23

Thank you for your donation!

Danica Moore