School Yard

Sage Canyon Elementary, ,

“We are inspired by gardens in our community and at surrounding schools. ?As teachers and educators we would love to be able to provide a garden space for our students to explore and learn in.”~ Lexi Hull, Science Teacher

Our Story

Our students and community are excited to learn about the impact of food on personal health, and the health of the environment. ?We have passionate teachers and support from our community to create a long-term big picture garden space and have wonderful support from our students and parents. ?Currently, our school is in need of better raised garden beds, gardening tools, materials, and garden curriculum to support educational lessons in the garden.

Sage Canyon Garden Photo

Your Help

The plan begins with you! We have visited the school, chatted with the community and put together a plan to help bring a school garden dream come true. ?Before we can build the garden beds, plant a garden and create a compost system, we need your help. ?By donating to Sage Canyon Elementary’s new garden space, you are helping to bridge the gap between nutrition and garden education and the health of the students in your community.

Make a contribution today, get involved and help Sage Canyon Elementary students achieve success and the growth of a healthy community and future!