School Yard

Riverview Middle School,

“The garden will provide learning opportunities for classes and teach responsibility and work ethic through the maintenance of the beds.” -?Sonia Rambo, Principal

Our Story

We are all ready and excited to start our gardens. A local organization, Rio Vision, built 4 garden beds in the past and are going to build another 8 new beds. With these new gardens, we are considering supplementing our cafeteria food with the produce that our students grow. We also want to use these gardens in conjunction with our day-to-day classes so that students can learn more about food production and the nutritional value of food in a hands-on experience. We hope that with these gardens, we can encourage more community and parental engagement.

Empty Garden Bed

Your Help

To achieve our vision of helping our students gain more experience about healthy eating, we need your help. We have a local organization that is providing the garden beds for our students, but we need your donation so Healthy Planet can help us get a shed, hay bales, seeds, soil, and gardening materials.

Healthy Planet is also helping us with new programming, including starting a new Garden Collaborative, Garden-Based Curriculum, a Garden Buddy Program, a Garden Entrepreneurship elective where the students learn how to start a business revolving around the garden, and a Family Garden Area.

We need your donation to make it a reality?and help our school increase awareness of healthy eating among our children!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $3,060.20
Healthy Planet Subsidy (50% of total budget): $1,530.10
Total for school community to raise:$1,530.10

Thank You For Your Donation

Lisa Rae Coad

Jay Forbes

Rachel White

Chris and Melinda Barkman

Scarlett & Greta Dole