School Yard

Ramblewood Elementary School,

“As a full-time teacher, I aim to educate students about food through the connection of the classroom and lesson plans. ?As a school, we hope to engage the whole community and improve the healthy eating knowledge of our students.”~Amanda Morgan, Teacher

Our Story

Our garden thrived for about one year. It was difficult to get others interested and using their grade level’s garden bed. Once others started using the beds, upkeep was the issue. ?As a new teacher to the school, there was a lot to be done in the garden on top of water shortage. ?Our beds have been empty for 2 years. As a full-time teacher, I would love to build a?community around our garden and bring the vitality back to our garden with community support. As a school,?we are looking to come together to help manage our garden space and find creative ways to implement lesson plans in small groups with our students.

Garden Beds

Your Help

With your help, we have the opportunity to build the garden support that we need to be able to engage the whole school and implement lessons and curriculum to make it a full circle learning opportunity. ?We plan to launch a handful of new programs to increase school-wide and community support, including a Garden Collaborative, a cross-grade Garden Buddy Program, an Enterprise project where the students will have the opportunity to start a business, and space for a community garden! The future of our students lay in the hope and wishes that we can raise the money to support the next steps for our school garden. ?With your help, we can provide a valuable hands-on?experience for the future of the children in our community. ?Donate today to bring our garden program back to life!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: 6,257.71
Healthy Planet Subsidy (75% of total budget): $4,693.28
Total for school community to raise: $1,564.43