Bessie Carmichael,

?Our students have very active opinions about school lunches and their lack of options. They also love working in the garden and would benefit greatly from the opportunity to create their own school garden that they can actually eat and enjoy.? – Alison Bunker, 7th Grade Teacher

A diamond in the rough, Bessie Carmichael Middle School is unlike your average public school. Many students have English as a second language, more than 60% of students are not reading at grade-level and the kids lack open space at school and at home. Given all of this, the students and teachers are still excited about food education and gardening in school.

Bessie Carmichael has a history of small school gardens. After the teacher who was leading the garden program left, volunteers came to plant flowers, mulch, and a few vegetables. Because of their passion for food, the students of Bessie Carmichael created a Garden Club and have been able to maintain what was planted by volunteers. Though the garden has support from the staff, administration and students, the few small plants and flowers that have survived, do not offer a great educational opportunity.


Bessie Carmichael needs soil, seeds, starts, and guidance to make their garden flourish once more. They also need relevant garden curriculum, because without it, the garden activities are challenging to integrate into regular school days. With your donation, not only will the kids at Bessie Carmichael grow and eat food, they will learn about it too! With your help, they can become a new generation of conscious eaters!