Oak Park Elementary,

“I am confident that the garden club will foster high self-esteem among those tending the garden and a sense of confidence. It will facilitate dialogue about Science and Health related subjects learned, as well as how they can encourage their families to eat healthy at home; or develop gardens at home, etc.”~?Reashon Villery, Principal

Our Story

Oak Park Elementary is proud to be known as a school that is sought out by families throughout San Diego. Many families apply and choice to our school because of our awesome music program and our dedicated Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. Our teachers and students participate in an annual Healthy Heart Drive and Exercise Marathon. The buy-in for healthy living and the garden program is already here. Our students, teachers, and parents walk in our school-wide walking club each morning. A garden club and program will be another great club that helps Oak Park students grow academically, physically, and socially. Our teachers and students work diligently to provide our students with a well-rounded and high-quality education.

School Yard

Your Help

Reviving the Oak Park Garden and garden club will be an added asset to our instructional program. It would afford our students with an opportunity to become proficient in another area, create an interest in eating healthy, learn proper nutrition?and a sense of pride in our school community. ?By donating and collaborating with our program we hope and believe the imaginations of our children will flourish. ?The possibilities become a reality with the help of each and every one of you!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $10,504.21
Healthy Planet Pledged Subsidy (75% of total budget): $7,878.16
Total for school community to raise: $2,626.05