NP3 Elementary,

“We are trying to give the kids as much education in every area that we can. We want to make them smart and healthy in every component of their lives.” -?Karen Mattern, Teacher

Our Story

We are a small charter school in our?first year. We’ve had a middle and high school for a number of years, but this year was the first with elementary. Our garden program needs a lot of help.?Through Healthy Planet’s presence in our school, we hope to teach our students the fundaments of becoming healthy, conscious eaters by teaching them how to grow fruits and vegetables.

We also know that healthy eating creates better behavior and academic performance, so we’re looking forward to integrating the garden into our school curriculum.

Your Help

We need your help to make this dream a reality. We’re planning to add 27 new 2ft x 4ft x 2ft raised horse trough beds, 150 vertical gardens, a small compost area, and enough tools for everyone to use. Our community is also passionate about planning a Cross-Grade Garden Buddy Program and piloting a program that gives 3 local families gardening space.

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $8,708.67

Healthy Planet Subsidy (75%): $6,531.51

Total for school community to raise: $2,177.17