Meadow Heights Elementary,

A school garden allows kids the opportunity to create, make decisions, get their hands dirty, work together, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and share with others.??- Kelly Westberg,?Parent

Our Story

Kids learn by doing. They enjoy taking things apart, seeing how things work, and observing life around them.?

Meadow Heights Sign

Gardening is integral to a child’s education and development. It is important for them to see and experience first-hand what native cultures experienced. It contributes to their ability to empathize, problem-solve, innovate, and appreciate the world in which they live. And it’s so simple!

Meadow Heights is a diverse school serving a wonderful mix of children and families. They have a very active PTA with many members who are ready to roll up their sleeves, dig in, and get started at growing their community. They needed guidance on best areas to plant, irrigation ideas, and engaging as many members of the community as possible.

How We?Helped

We provided Meadow Heights Elementary with a comprehensive program plan, and the curriculum resources so the kids can learn science, mathematics, nutrition, art, and many other disciplines, all through the scope of a school garden! We also supplied them with gardening tips and detailed information about what to plant, how to sustain a garden, and hands-on projects to get their hands dirty.

No matter the project, we want to inspire a new generation of conscious eaters, one school at a time!