Mary Tsukamoto Elementary School,

?”The dream is to expand our garden into a thriving school/community resource for fresh fruits and vegetables, promoting healthy choices for our students.” -?Deborah Cardin, Vice Principal

Our Story

The Mary Tsukamoto Garden Club was re-established this year with the assistance of some Sheldon High School students. We want the garden to offer teachers opportunities to share key STEM and Common Core aligned lessons for every grade level that engages the minds and interests of our students.

Healthy food options for our students are a priority. The gardens will not only teach students about healthy eating in school but also in their everyday lives. Our garden will give our students the opportunity to learn, hands-on, about growing fruits and vegetables. We hope that the garden will bring students together as a community to live healthier lives.

Your Help

With your?donation, we will be able to make this dream a reality for all of our students. We’re aiming to build 14 new 8ft x 4ft raised beds and 5 new 2ft x 4ft x 2ft raised horse trough beds; enough for each grade and for our Garden Club. We?ll also be getting new garden tools, soil/compost, and seeds.

Our new Garden Program will consist of a Garden Collaborative, garden-based curriculum, a Garden-Buddy program, and a new Enterprise Project where the students will learn how to design a business around the garden.

Help us achieve these goals!


Total Budget: $6,570.11

Healthy Planet Subsidy (75%): $4,927.58

Total for school community to raise: $1,642.53

Thank You For Your Donation

Michelle Anderson