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The community and district have come together to support a wellness policy to help support the health and wellbeing of our students. ?The Healthy Growing Garden program will help support our vision of a healthier community and bring project-based school garden programs to life!” ~ Deirdre Romero, Teacher

Our Story

Loma Verde Elementary has a clear vision and a handful of passionate, motivated and committed teachers to bring a project-based school garden program to life. ?There has been a huge amount of community and district support for a wellness policy and massive student interest in their pilot garden! ?The teachers want to expand their few garden beds into a full-fledged garden program.


School Garden

Loma Verde School Garden Needs Your Help!!!

Your Help

With your help?Loma Verde’s vision can be brought to life, giving each class their own garden bed! ?Each class will aim to integrate lessons in science, the environment, social studies, language arts, and writing into their new Healthy Growing garden. ?Not only will the kids learn more about how to grow food and eat healthy, but with the continued support of the community, students will learn about entrepreneurship by starting a business revolving around the garden.

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $9,129.78
Healthy Planet Subsidy: $6,847.34
Total for school community to raise: $2,282.45

Thank you for your donation!