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“We are excited to implement a comprehensive program that will enable us to link our campus green space to our classroom curriculum.?Lipman is unique in the fact that our learning environment is on San Bruno Mountain, and our G.R.E.E.N. Lab will cultivate plants native to the mountain for both awareness and habitat restoration.The ultimate goal of our G.R.E.EN. Lab is to Grow a sustainable space, Reduce our carbon footprint, Educate ourselves, Enrich our curriculum, and Nourish our community.” -?Stephanie Murphy, Teacher

Our Story

We built a campus garden about ten years ago, and we haven’t had a program in place to maintain and effectively use the space. We currently have three garden beds on campus, and we?re going to build an additional twelve beds, new benches, and compost containers.? Homeroom teachers will have their own garden beds to connect science, organic nutrition, food history and the impact of food on our planet to their own curriculum. On October 27 (Dig Day), we’ll begin our journey to becoming a more connected, nutritionally educated Lipman community.

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Your Help

We?ve broken down both items needed and costs needed to see our G.R.E.E.N. Lab become a reality. Student Council will be facilitating small, school-day fundraisers. In addition, we encourage you to donate directly on this webpage, and please share this fundraising page with family and friends.? Aside from financial support, we?re in need of your helping hands on Dig Day, October 27 (during the school day).? We’re excited to have your support to help our G.R.E.E.N. Lab grow!

For question or more information, please contact Stephanie Murphy at

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $6,054.02

Healthy Planet Subsidy (25%): $1,513.51

Total for school community to raise: $4,540.52

Thank You For Your Donation

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