School Garden

La Paloma Elementary,

“Our vision is to have students in charge of running and maintaining the gardens. Our mission is to empower students with the knowledge and leadership skills to make our vision our reality.” -?Julie Schlueter, Principal

Our Story

We are passionate about real life applications of what students learn in the classroom AND outside the classroom. That is why we have our own garden where we grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers. We want our students to lead a healthy lifestyle, and that starts with a healthy, balanced meal. At La Paloma, we also have a heavy emphasis on student leadership that starts from kindergarten until they move on to middle school. We are striving towards more community and student engagement in the garden as well as providing practical applications of what we teach.

School Garden

Your Help

We need your help to take our garden to the next stage. Your donation will help us get?a new compost area, seeds, gardening supplies, a new vertical garden and a new garden program that connects to what our students are learning in the classroom. This will include a new Garden Collaborative, Garden-Buddy Program, Garden-based Curriculum, a Garden Entrepreneur Elective, where the students will learn how to design a business around the garden, and a Family Garden Area.

With your donation, our students can learn valuable life lessons on healthy eating and nutrition. They can see first-hand that what they learn in the classroom applies outside of the classroom also. With your help, you can make our vision for our students a reality!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $3,707.68
Healthy Planet Subsidy (50% of total budget): $1,853.84
Total for school community to raise: $1,853.84

Thank You For Your Donation

Julie Schlueter

Kerri McDaniels

Solene Trujillo

Brittany Martin

BLANCA Jolimeau

Mary Dorsey

Nichol Hodina

Jeanie Clark