School Yard

La Costa Canyon High School,

“La Costa Canyon hopes to create a safe, welcoming, and functional space that is accessible for all students.” ~ Curtis Fillmore, Teacher?

Our Story

La Costa Canyon High School is hoping to enrich our students experience through education around food production, and food sourcing. ?We plan to incorporate?lessons through our Science program and foster an environment to grow on entrepreneurial?opportunities to build a business around our new garden space. ?Our Culinary Arts department will use fresh produce for hands-on experience and lessons around cooking. In addition, our dream is to develop a safe, welcoming, and functional garden space for students with and without special needs.


Your Help

La Costa Canyon High School has the perfect space to grow a flourishing garden. ?Our students are hoping to learn more about healthy eating and how to grow food through collaboration and education. ?Being one of the few high schools in the country that still has a Culinary Arts program, we need your help to inspire our students and families to eat healthier and see just how easy it is to make a difference. ?Help us make it happen by donating today!

Thank you for your donation!