Kipp King Collegiate,

“I believe that all students should learn how to grow their own food. My goal is to produce enough vegetables for the students to enjoy and inspire them to create their own gardens at home.” -?Maria Vicenty, Teacher

Our Story

Kipp King Collegiate School starts with the passion of committed and supportive school leaders who have a background in biology, Earth Club and a strong support for diversity and cultural growth in the community. ?Kipp King Collegiate currently has a few small beds that the students are passionate about, but the school does not have any garden-based curriculum, enough supplies, or enough garden beds to support the large amount of students that desperately want to participate in the garden program.


Your Help

With your help, Kipp King Collegiate will add 12 new garden beds to the campus plus enough supplies and curriculum for everyone! ?Students currently love learning skills in science and math through a connection with food and gardening. ?With 12 new beds, Earth Club students will be able to gain skills in entrepreneurship through developing an annual Enterprise Project, where students will learn about real-life business skills revolving around the garden. ?Students even have the opportunity to start their own business?and fundraiser every year!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $6,179.13
Healthy Planet Pledged Subsidy (75% of total budget): $4,634.35
Total for school community to raise: $1,544.78

Thank you for your donation!

Maria Vicenty

Gia Ly

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