School Yard

Joan MacQueen Middle School,

“We have a huge dream for a transformative garden space to bring the opportunity of entrepreneurship,?leadership, and hands on learning to our school. ?Our hope is to bring the community together and take a giant step forward together in the expansion of this program.”~ Theresa Meyerott, Principal

Our Story

We can’t wait to create a community garden to provide entrepreneurship lessons and curriculum for our students to create a business where the community can come purchase garden items. Our most important component we’d love from the garden is a salad bar for the students. Students have been asking for a way to have their own food that is grown naturally. What better way than to provide the opportunity for our students to grow their own food and build their own business around the garden space.

School Yard

Your Help

Joan MacQueen Middle School has the collaboration of the community and compassion of the student body. ?Now it just needs your help to transform and inspire their dreams. ?Donate today to help expand their garden to serve more students and grow their own food for school lunches!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $10,549.47
Healthy Planet Pledged Subsidy (25% of total budget): $2,637.37
Total for school community to raise: $7,912.11