School Yard

Hollywood Park,

“We are always looking for ways to strengthen our school community and we also look for ways to give back to others. A school garden will promote our vision of what community looks and feels like at HPE!” -?Tenley Luke, Principal

Our Story

Hollywood Park Elementary School is a small neighborhood school, located in the Hollywood Park neighborhood, between Land Park and South Land Park. We celebrate the charm that our tight-knit, community school has to offer. Students in grades Kindergarten-6th Grade participate in a multitude of exciting learning opportunities. We are hoping to incorporate a garden program into the mix! Our students would love the opportunity for a?hands-on learning experience with gardening, water conservation, composting, and recycling.

School Yard

Your Help

We do not currently have a school garden or garden program. What we do have, however, is a supportive, passionate, strong community of faculty, students, and parents.

Healthy Planet has developed a 5-branch garden program for us revolving?around a new Garden Collaborative, Garden-Based Education, a Garden Buddy Program, space for families to garden, and Enteprise?Project where the students design a business around their garden. Healthy Planet will also help us build 12 new 4ft x 8ft raised garden beds and 12 new 2ft x 4ft x 2ft horse troughs, along with?a small compost area, 15 rustic hay bales for seating, garden tools, soil, seeds, and other materials.

We need your donation to help us achieve our garden dream!

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $$7,341.72
Healthy Planet Subsidy (75% of total budget): $5,506.29
Total for school community to raise: $1,835.43

Thank You For Your Donation

Katie Butler