Highlands Elementary School,

?Our school is invested in both promoting wellness and encouraging healthy habits…We have made a big push to educate students and families about eating well.??- Heather Gomez, Principal at Highlands

Highlands actually has a well-established garden where students get to plant on a daily basis. ?There is tremendous support from the PTA — each grade, kindergarten through fifth, has a ?garden parent? who assists small groups of students to take care of their grade-level garden bed.

However, the parents, students, and teachers of Highlands are in desperate need of a program to link their amazing garden to their classroom lessons. This would allow the students and teachers to more justifiably use the garden during school hours, while engaging the students with project-based learning.

The school would also like to add about 10 more raised beds so each classroom can have their own garden bed to take care of, as well as establish a few beds for project-based lessons and experiments.

Reducing waste and composting is something the students are eager to learn about, but their compost system consists of a dysfunctional tumbler that’s very hard for the students to turn. It’s also caused a few dangerous accidents that have seen fingers get stuck in between the contraption.

Donate today to help reach a greater number of students by expanding Highlands garden and encouraging food education through our Healthy Growing Garden Curriculum!

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