Hagginwood Preschool,

The children will learn to create and take care of a garden as well as the advantage of eating the foods they grow. Many parents are excited and ready to assist in our garden project! – Alyssa Hall, Preschool Teacher?

Our Story

Our?school?is located in an area where many children are not taught about proper nutrition.

Hagginwood Elementary Garden

Like 3-4 year olds around the country, the preschool kids?at Hagginwood Elementary are a lively bunch. They?play outside until they’re exhausted and need to go inside for a nap. Alyssa Hall, the preschool teacher, had the vision of beginning a garden for her kids to expose them to nutrition education, as well as to let out some of their energy in a productive way. With 98% of the students at Hagginwood on free/reduced lunch every day, having a garden with fresh food and hands-on nutrition education could make a huge difference in the lives of these children.

Your Help

The Hagginwood Elementary Preschool class wants a garden so badly, they started?raising money?with their Change for Change Drive before their garden plan was ready — collecting coins (and dollars) from the community!

If you’ve already donated, thank you! If you are just learning about this project, now’s your chance to make a difference!

Thank You For Your Donation And For Becoming A School Champion

Alyssa Hall

Christa Proctor

Kathy Ruiz

Miki Conway Franklin

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