School Garden

Foothill Oak Elementary School,

“This garden initiative is so important to teach healthy eating habits and the importance of fruits and vegetables in an?everyday diet. We plan to teach our students how to grow and take care of different plants. All the vegetables that will be grown in the school garden will be used in school lunches. ” -?Mayela Nunez, Teacher

Our Story?

We have a garden at Foothill Oak Elementary, but the students have not been successful at getting many of their plants to grow because of squirrels and a lack of programming and support.

Our goal is to teach the students how to grow all sorts of vegetables, then use those vegetables in their school lunches at the cafeteria.?We also want to teach the students about the importance of composting. Currently, kindergarten classes collect green waste during lunch and keep track of how much they collect every day. Students determine how much green waste they have prevented from going to the land fill and turn that waste into compost to use as fertilizer in the garden. We are looking to expand that program to include students in first to fifth grade.

Your Help

We need your donation to help us add some programming to fully utilize our garden. This will include a new Garden Collaborative, Garden-based lesson plans, a Garden-Buddy program, and a space for families to?grow their own vegetables. We’ll also be adding some components to help prevent squirrels.


Total Budget: $3,608.35

Healthy Planet Subsidy (75%): $2,706.26

Total for school community to raise: $902.09

Thank You For Your Donation!

Elizabeth Kramer

Foothill Oak ASB