FC Joyce Elementary School,

We talk about healthy foods, but without local resources and exposure [to healthy foods] our children do not have the same opportunities as children in areas where a variety of grocery stores and [exposure to] healthy habits are available. – Charlotte Godinez, Preschool Teacher?

Our Story

FC Joyce Elementary School?is located in a neighborhood with?several low income apartment complexes and no?grocery stores.

dad and kidsMany local families must?take the bus to the grocery store, a few miles away. Lack of education, understanding and convenience all amount to?families that have a hard time making healthy food choices.

In this community, many of the students eat breakfast and lunch at?the?school cafeteria. The cafeteria food lacks variety, color and flavor, and is often filled with sugar. With little access to fresh healthy food at home or at school, the kids at FC Joyce have a higher risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and a variety of other ailments in their adult lives. These kids need to learn how to keep their bodies happy and healthy by eating good food, and together we can help teach them!

Your Help

The school has a few scattered garden beds, but because of staff changes, a?lack of funds, and a lack of time, the garden beds have suffered and fallen apart. Together, we plan to re-vamp their campus by building a couple highly accessible raised garden beds where the kids can grow fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The kids at FC Joyce deserve to grow up happy and healthy, with good food in their bellies. Help us make it happen by donating today!


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