Edgewood Garden

Edgewood Center for Children and Families,

?The Garden Learning Center Curriculum will give our urban children and teens the chance to connect?with the oldest form of healing. When we breathe in the calming scents of garden herbs, harvest seeds?to plant a new season of flowers to lift our spirits, and make nourishing foods, teas, and self-care items?with our own hands, we remember the simple power of the earth to regenerate and transform.??-Melusina Gomez, Arts Program Manager

Our Story

The children and teens at Edgewood Center for Children and Families are unique.

Many have grown?up in impoverished Bay Area neighborhoods where they witness or experience abuse, violence,?poverty and instability on a daily basis. They have often had little exposure to nature or healthy food?choices. After much work and effort on the part of Edgewood staff and community, the Edgewood Garden?Learning Center was created offering alternative, experiential learning for the children and youth?of the Bay Area.

Your Help

Although the garden is established and functioning, Edgewood now wants to?incorporate it into its curriculum and as a part of therapies that help the youth overcome trauma.?Imagine having a can of soup with no can opener. The soup is there, but not being used nearly to?its potential. Simple tools like gloves, rakes, and wheelbarrows, as well as garden supplies like soil,?seeds, and seedlings are needed and essential in moving forward.

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The staff at Edgewood are not able to run the garden program alone, and are in need of volunteers?for garden maintenance, cobb oven pizza making events, and harvest fairs. They also need mason jars, a Chinese herb grinder, and other supplies that can be used for herbal?honeys, herbal butter, teas, syrups, jams, immune system supporting tonic drinks, and other?projects and crafts from the plants and herbs grown in the garden.

Your contribution can help expand the Edgewood Garden Learning Center to positively impact the children and youth!Garden Learning Center3 4-22-14

The students? experience of working with soil, planting seeds and seeing them grow, not only?provide them with life lessons, but also using Healthy Planet?s garden curriculum, the students will?learn about nutrition and health through science, literacy, math and cultural studies.

Whether it?s $1,000 or $10, the Edgewood community needs your help to fund the tools and?materials necessary for this year?s garden, provide curriculum, and make a sustainable?impact on the lives of its students.