Community Youth Center,

A huge part of a healthy lifestyle is to learn healthy habits, and we believe the garden at Community Youth Center will be a visible, tangible vehicle to show that growth and dedication to healthy living. – Rebecca Mattos, Educator at CYC

Our Story

Many of our students come from families that have parents who have worked in the farm industry, and there is such a unique historical and cultural link that we can help strengthen through this garden project.

CYC Lunch Table

The Community Youth Center motto is “Discipline, Dedication, Desire.” They believe that every youth should have the opportunity to build a healthy lifestyle through both sports and academics. They are going to incorporate the garden as part of the academic excellence program, giving them the unique opportunity to teach students about gardening and nutrition.

Kid in Garden

A significant number of the families served at the Community Youth Center work in agriculture. Given that many of the students’ families have worked in agriculture, this is a special chance to educate about the agricultural system, particularly in Northern California, where agriculture is such a huge part of the state’s economy.

CYC Garden

Your Help

So far, the Community Youth Center has put in two lovely picnic tables, as well as a few bales of straw. They wish to expand the existing area into an easily accessible corridor and add a total of eight garden beds! Not only will they practice organic gardening, but they also would love to set up a rain catchment system off one of the large roofs next to the garden. In order to accomplish all these things, they need your support!

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Donate today to help the students served by the Community Youth Center learn about where their food comes from!

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