Garden Beds

Casa De Oro Elementary,

“CDO has had a school garden for approximately 6 years now. It is an after school club of about 25 students and many parents help out. Our PTA helps out – but does not have a lot of money.” – Amy Hartig, Teacher

Our Story

We have an after school Garden Club of approximately 25 students in grades K-6 who meet once a week to plan, plant, and help to maintain our garden. At the end of the year, our Garden Club enters many of our plants into our County Fair and we take a field trip to see other displays as well as our own, and learn more about gardening.

While we do have a good foundation for a garden program, there is a lot to improve. Our kids love to show off the fruits of their labor at the fair, and it would be wonderful if we could build off of this to create something more sustainable for future generations to come. We want to educate our students on the importance of healthy eating, food science, water conservation, and entrepreneurship.

Garden Beds

Your Help

We have about 14 garden boxes and a few barrels. We have a water spigot, but no drip irrigation system. Our PTA does its best to help out, but unfortunately, it does not have a lot of money.

Working with Healthy Planet will provide us with a 4-branch garden program that include a new Garden Collaborative, Garden-based Curriculum, and Garden-Buddy program, and a new Enterprise project where the students will learn how to design a business around the garden!

Furthermore, we will be getting new vertical gardens, drip irrigation, a compost area,?rustic hay bales for a sitting area, more garden tools, and more seeds.

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $5,510.30

Healthy Planet Subsidy (75%): $4,132.72

Total for school community to raise: $1,377.57