Carlton Oaks School,

“In looking at our site, and knowing what an amazing community we have, I am looking to revive and expand our existing garden. I know that with the right support, we can grow our garden and build our community as a collaborative effort.” -?Leah Saunders, Vice Principal

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Our Story

When Santee and San Diego County went through a drought during the past couple of years, our District supported the conservation effort and turned off all watering on lawns. This past year, the drought limits were lifted, but our school had sustained too much damage to the lawn areas to regrow without replanting. In looking at our site, and knowing what an amazing community we have, we are looking to revive and expand our existing gardens. We have a very supportive community, and now Healthy Planet is helping us put a plan in place and expand our garden! We are excited to expand to a more central location that engages the entire school community!

The district has already repainted the school, dug a new?well, put in drip irrigation with timers to 6 new raised beds, replaced multiple trees, added river rocks for some of the drains and garden beds, and built new brick raised beds.

With this garden, we hope to teach our students about nutrition, food production, and waste reduction, while also teaching about Math and Science.


Your Help

To continue expanding our garden, we need your support. Your donation will go towards completing our new 6-section garden consisting of: a fruit garden, a salad garden, a salsa garden, a butterfly garden, a native garden and a flower/reading garden. We’ll also be getting more garden tools, soil, and seeds, in addition to support for new Garden Programming that includes Garden-Based Curriculum, a new Garden Collaborative, a Garden Buddy Program, and an Enterprise Project, where students learn how to design a business revolving around the garden.

With your help, we can turn our dream into a reality!


Funding Structure

Total Budget: $4,094.51
Healthy Planet Subsidy (25% of total budget): $1,023.63
Total for school community to raise: $3,070.88

Thank You For Your Donation

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Cara Silva

Christina Chandler

Cindy Smith

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