Burnett Middle School,

Located in downtown San Jose, Burnett Middle School has problems with vandalism, theft, and danger from surrounding gangs. Yet Burnett still prides itself on educating its students about their shared responsibility for the planet, and tries to be a shelter for kids escaping the streets.

Burnett Middle School has community support, a small garden budget, and a few small raised garden beds where students are taught by teachers and volunteers about plant growth, food, and gardening. However, there is a limited number of students impacted by the garden each year, and the number is in decline.

That said, the students at Burnett Middle School have said that they?d love to expand their garden to increase the impact of their garden program. They dream to increase their garden size to ? of an acre, and maybe even start a farmers market there one day! This would both engage the community and reduce crime around the school. However, this will take both resources and volunteer support.

Burnett has the community, but needs your help. Donate today to help Burnett students expand their garden to serve more students and grow their appreciation for a healthy planet!

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