School Yard

Buena Vista Elementary School,

“Our school used to have an amazing garden started by Dolores Fangon, a great 90-year-old volunteer. Now we want to step up and recreate it.” -?Maria Strople

Our Story

We once had a beautiful garden that unfortunately had to be taken out when the school had to undergo some repairs. We have a supportive staff and community who are excited to rebuild and revitalize the garden. We hope that, with this new garden and program, our students can learn about composting, food production and waste reduction. We want our students to implement what they learn in school, outside the classroom.

School Garden

Your Help

To achieve our vision for our students, we need your help! We already have the garden, but we need help with programming and structure. That’s where Healthy Planet comes in. They’re helping us implement new Garden-Based lesson plans, a Garden Buddy Program, and an Enterprise Project where the students design a business around the garden. ?They’ll also be providing a new shed, gardening supplies, soil and seeds. With your donation, we can teach our students about healthy eating through application in the garden.

With your donation, we can teach our students about healthy eating through an amazing garden program.

Funding Structure

Total Budget: $2,133.94
Healthy Planet Subsidy (25% of total budget): $533.48
Total for school community to raise: $1,600.45

Thank You For Your Donation

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