Bowditch Middle School,

Our students and staff are trying to get a school garden going and could really use some help. – Mike Moreno, Teacher

Our Story

A Green Team, a Gardening Crew, full teacher support, an active PTA and excited students. What’s this, you ask?

This is a list of the resources Bowditch Middle School currently possesses.

Notice anything missing?…

A Garden!

kids flower drawingThanks to the passion and commitment of the teachers, students, parents and community at Bowditch, the kids?are awesomely prepared to begin a school garden program. They have the support, the desire and the space to create a bountiful garden and grow healthy vegetables and fruits for their school community. Not only do these kids want to grow food, they also want to learn about food waste and create a composting system on campus. So much ambition, only 30 days to see this project come to fruition!

Your Help

BowditchBowditch has everything they need to run a successful school garden program, everything except a garden. They need garden beds, soil, seeds, tools, compost bins and a few instructions to build their garden.

Let’s help Bowditch Middle School reach their full potential and teach their students about growing fruits, vegetables and community.

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