Anza Elementary,

“With 436 students who are second language learners, the garden helps our students learn by doing and experimenting, without having mastered English.” -?Cindy Knight, Principal?

Our Story

Our first vegetable garden was planted two years ago. Since then we have partnered with the Dept. of Agriculture, Earth Discovery Institute, US Fish and Wildlife, and SAGE Garden to expand. We now have a butterfly and hummingbird garden, 2 small vegetable gardens, and a natural habitat garden. Teachers use the gardens to teach Next Generation Science Standards, allowing students to learn through experimentation and problem-solving.?We have some great?garden areas, but we need help with long term sustainability, building support, programming, and organization.

Your Help

With your donation, we will be able to add new programming and additional infrastructure to our garden program, including a new Garden Collaborative, Garden-Based Lessons, a Garden-Buddy program, an area dedicated for families to use, and an Enterprise Project where the students design a business around the garden. We’ll also be adding some new vertical gardens.


Total Budget: $5,666.58

Healthy Planet Subsidy (75%): $4,249.94

Total for school community to raise: $1,416.65