School Visits

Healthy Planet US has been busy this fall buzzing around to schools in Sacramento and San Mateo to visit, take pictures and hear each schools stories. ?We have had so much fun seeing how each school and age group have brought individual and unique presence to their gardens.

The students and teachers have been having so much fun from planting to harvesting, making salsa, to using the garden as a place of therapy and healing. ?The gardens have brought value and growth to the students, teachers and community.

The footage we are capturing from photos and video at each school will go to support our Thank You campaign for Giving Tuesday. ?We will be thanking our communities, teachers, schools, parents, teachers and donors for helping us impact?18,000 kids at 40 schools through our Healthy Growing School Garden program. ?

We love coming to visit each and every one of you and would like to continue to capture photos and video of your Healthy Growing program in the new year!!! ?See some of the new footage we have captured here.