Reflection and Relevancy

Written By: ?Jamie Heisch

My internship with Healthy Planet has allowed me to see the innermost workings of a nonprofit and has offered invaluable experiences I was eager to expose myself to, but that is not what I have appreciated most about my time with Healthy Planet. While the skills I have learned here will add to my resume and reflect well on paper, it is the changes that cannot be documented on a cover letter that are the most altering.

Being a recent college graduate, to say my professional job experience was limited would be an understatement- it was nonexistent. While I was eager to start this journey and begin acquiring the experience I desperately needed , I was also terrified. Now was the moment I was supposed to prove myself and I was afraid, for my sake, that my best efforts would be a disappointment. It was a form of self inflicted, mental harassment, but I was too absorbed in its message to defend myself.

My time at Healthy Planet has shown me that there is no need for self doubt when you are surrounded by a thoughtful and capable team who will always make themselves available if you need guidance. There is no need to feel unsure in your abilities because your best is always enough, your effort and drive is what creates an atmosphere of progress. In addition to learning how to properly nourish my body, ?Healthy Planet has helped me begin the journey of nourishing my soul with confidence and self assurance.

Now, moving on from all that ?mushy? stuff, lets get to what Healthy Planet is really all about- conscious eating! I had always thought I had a solid grasp on the concept of healthy eating: buy organic, eat whole foods, and know where your food is coming from. While these are important concepts and are general guidelines that should be followed, there is so much more to ?conscious? eating. Conscious eating is understanding your body and how it responds to the food you choose to nourish it with. It?s understanding and appreciating the labor and means necessary to bring food to your plate. It?s understanding the food itself and the complex biological processes necessary to create a single plant. Conscious eating is making food choices that not only better yourself, but your local community, economy, agriculture, and environment.

Recipe time! Ok, this is a fun one; a spinach smoothie with…Wait for it…Avocado and apple! Exciting, right? I know. The best part is it?s super simple! I have the patience of a toddler when it comes to cooking, so you can trust me.


Spinach Smoothie with Avocado and Apple

You?ll need:

  • 1 ? c. apple juice

  • 2 c. stemmed and chopped spinach

  • 1 apple, cored and chopped (leave the skin)

  • ? avocado, chopped

Just throw everything in a blender and puree until smooth!


Here is some latest work from Jamie Heisch, (A wonderful video)